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Corporate Social Responsibility

DB Schenker is committed

DB Schenker is aware of its economic, ecological and social responsibility and we are actively involved in several global projects. We consider it our duty to keep our responsibility as a logistics provider in the forefront of our minds.

A leading global logistics provider such as DB Schenker has a clear responsibility towards the environment. We contribute by investing in the research and development of methods which help to retain the ecological balance of nature.

It is, however, not just our ecological responsibility which motivates our actions – amongst other things we are acutely aware of our responsibility towards society reflected in our support for the organization „Wings Of Hope“ (air travel without borders).

Wings Of Hope is a national and international charitable organization founded in 2003. Its main task is to provide emergency logistics aid for those in crisis areas or those in economic or socially deprived environments.

This aid project offers support by undertaking missions with small aircraft, administering emergency aid, accompanying children on flights and delivering humanitarian or medicinal goods. 

The ethos of the Wings Of Hope campaign is to give disabled children and adults and children from socially deprived backgrounds the opportunity to experience the miracle of air travel. In collaboration with sports clubs and societies the campaign organizes flights or trips in gliders, airplanes and hot air balloons.

Last modified: 14.10.2013

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