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Our Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of Schenker Deutschland AG

Who are we?

We are Germany’s leading freight forwarding company.

  • We continue to work together consistently to achieve success and make it sustainable.
  • We align our daily business with our customers’ needs.
  • We move goods along the entire logistics chain.
  • We shape and manage the transport networks of the future – on land, on water and in the air.
  • We are constantly driving the development of logistics solutions – locally, nationally and as part of an integrated international group.

How we make it happen?
By convincing customers, employees, shareholders and society.

  • Customer-driven: We do everything to ensure that our customers achieve their own specific goals easily, efficiently and securely.
  • Motivated: We encourage flexibility and a willingness to learn by providing an attractive work environment with prospects for the future and a wide range of opportunities for further education.
  • Profitable: We focus our activities on permanent increases in shareholder value and   continuous process optimization. This way secures our future.
  • Ecological: We play a leading role in the market as a climate and environmentally-friendly organization.
  • Responsible: We are fully committed to establishing a caring society and take responsibility for the impact of our actions.
  • Progressive: We encourage the questioning of established principles and make continuous improvements in order to remain competitive in a dynamic market.

Schenker 2020 strategy:


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