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Vision & Mission

Schenker Deutschland AG: Vision & Mission

On the basis of our corporate identity, we present to the outside world a picture of what our company will look like in the future.

Schenker Deutschland AG of tomorrow – our vision:

  • We retain our position as the leading provider of integrated logistics services in Germany.
  • We achieve growth rates above the market average and expand our competitive edge consistently.
  • We contribute towards DB Schenker becoming the leading global supplier of integrated logistics services.

Our mission: Our self-conception and our goals

We have a clear understanding of what we stand for and which goals we pursue.

  • We create values – for our customers and shareholders.
  • We set benchmarks for quality and customer satisfaction in our markets.
  • We remain the preferred employer in our industry.
  • We offer innovative, high quality and cost-efficient transport and logistics solutions.
  • We rely on passionate and highly motivated employees who we encourage and challenge.
  • We respect the internal and external policies (compliance) and consider future-oriented thinking and action as a matter of course (economical, ecological and social sustainability).

Last modified: 10.12.2015

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