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Business Excellence

What are EFQM and business excellence?

"Business excellence is not an end in and of itself. It is a constant journey during which successes happen as approaches get better and better and these approaches are constantly and systematically reviewed and improved."(QuEST Forum)

All organizations strive for success. Some fail, while others are only successful for a short while before going under. Only few are successful over the long term, earning the right to be recognized and admired.

Organizations that excel perform exceptionally well over the long term, meeting or exceeding the expectations of all of their stakeholders. Business excellence is primarily the responsibility of management, in other words, the executives. That's why we also refer to EFQM as our management tool.

Business excellence is not about acting based on a gut feeling. It's about knowing the target, knowing what needs to be done and knowing when and how it needs to be done to reach the target.

Business excellence allows us to recognize environmental conditions in advance and to influence them to be able to realign ourselves quickly using flexible methods.

Last modified: 16.12.2013

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