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Smart solutions

Archiving and workflows

The online archive of Schenker Deutschland AG contains 467,019,349 million pages of documents, and the number of pages is growing by the second.

We have been archiving data and documents to be audit compliant for over 12 years. The system has grown to be far more than just an electronic archive for data and documents. It involves solutions for business processes and for the workplace. This role has been confirmed by the over 9,600 users who rely on the tool to advise and assist our customers, partners and colleagues with billing, receipts and consignment information. Electronic billing prepares customer invoices in variety of formats and for a variety of transmission methods (remote data transmission, e-mail, etc.) and, by customer request, with attachments.

Optimizing business processes is essential at Schenker Deutschland AG, and using electronic and transparent workflows is an important part of standardizing processes. Not only do we benefit, our customers do as well. Schenker Deutschland AG relies on the Investments unit and the HR organization – the workflow structures used here make it possible to process investment requests quickly and securely.

Last modified: 16.12.2013

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