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Smart solutions


Schenker Deutschland AG uses innovative telematics solutions to efficiently design and manage production processes.

Using various telematics systems provides information about the location and status of the fleet. This transparency allows us to use means of production economically and ecologically.

That's why we have equipped the entire fleet of swap bodies with specially designed GPS modules since 2012. This technology is exceptionally tough and is equipped with solar modules and state-of-the-art batteries to continuously supply the devices with power. The devices can also be upgraded to include various sensor components, which can immediately display whether doors are open or closed, the loading status of the swap body or even the truck's braking maneuvers.

"Thanks to GPS technology, we can determine the exact location of each of the swap bodies in our pool in real time. This lets us plan resources more precisely, optimize the supply to the different offices, constantly improve the route and prevent unnecessary empty runs, which ultimately cuts time, costs and CO2 emissions over the long term."
(Lothar Rosenkranz, Member of the Management Board of Schenker Deutschland AG for IT, Innovation and Services)

In addition to telematics solutions, which focus on fleet management and load carriers, Schenker Deutschland AG also offers customers sensor solutions at the consignment level. These solutions are used in particular for transports of valuable or high-security freight.

Last modified: 16.12.2013

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