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Innovative solutions

On the cutting edge: new standards and solid foundations

We constantly review a wide range of new technologies to see if they are suitable for our portfolio of products and services. The main question is whether the products and technologies are usable for us and provide additional benefit for our customers.

Thus the usability of new products and services is always the focus. Does a new technology provide customers with added value? Will a new development benefit our customers? We plan and deploy these technologies together with you, our customers, to achieve the optimal solution for both sides.

PIN (Procurement Information Network)
Through PIN, we integrate all parties involved in the procurement process and provide complete data management from a single source. Physical transport and data control are integrated into a complete concept. PIN can be modified and expanded to meet customer needs and covers the complete supply chain of our customers, regardless of how many stages it has.

RFID customer solutions
RFID can be used for convenient, automated real-time display of processes and flows of goods. RFID is not a plug & play solution and requires in-depth planning and conceptual design. We create an individual plan for you to fulfill your requirements with the aid of RFID technology. Using an electronically readable RFID chip for instance, you can automatically inspect your incoming goods. Special transports and relocations can be carried out and secured using RFID technology – so that you always know where your shipments are.

RFID sensor technology
Whether you want to monitor a specific area, a complete warehouse or individual packages, the Sensor Guard is the ideal solution.
Sensor information is sent via radio from transponders, in real time or at intervals you specify, and is available to you locally or online. You can actively monitor all parameters yourself or have them automatically monitored. Deviations from e.g. predefined temperature or humidity ranges trigger alarms with various levels of escalation, allowing you to respond proactively when a threshold is approached.

GPS solution
We offer you a new generation of systems for monitoring transport goods based on GPS. Would you like to know exactly where your shipment is currently located or whether the vehicle has left the specified route? Or whether someone is trying to gain unauthorized access to your consignment? We have the right GPS solution for your needs.

Electronic invoicing
As our customer, you can now optimize your billing processes to achieve a paperless office. In compliance with legal requirements, we employ a qualified digital signature, with or without provider accreditation. This is the only way to ensure that input tax from electronic invoices can be properly deducted.

Last modified: 09.01.2012

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