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Order management

Custom solutions for your needs

Today more than 75% of our customers' shipping data is already transmitted to us electronically, which ensures rapid handling and planning reliability for all those involved.

Whatever your requirements are – we have the right solution for receiving your data electronically, processing your order and providing you with standardized tracking information.

Mobile on-board communication at DB Schenker
Our established successful and comprehensive shipping software is complemented by additional scheduling software. This program is fully integrated with our shipping software to ensure data is up-to-date and congruent. After all, knowledge is power.
Thanks to the software developed specially for DB Schenker, all national subsidiaries are always connected with one another to be able to receive information about the status of your consignments. Every workstation at our branch offices can access this software to ensure productivity. The program allows staff to keep track of all consignments ready for shipment and to assign them accordingly to preselected vehicles. Automated data crosschecking and messaging via connected mobile end devices eliminates old-fashioned list-making and phoning. DB Schenker employees also remain up-to-date over the course of daily business through mobile data logging and communication.

Document archiving
Our document management system (DMS) is completely digital, all the way through delivery. Every order consists of two elements: the goods themselves and the information related to their shipment. This information, from pickup and transport to delivery and confirmation, is seamlessly and revision-proof archived in our DMS. Customers can query shipping status at any time via the Internet.
The central DMS archive has become an information portal for
Schenker Deutschland AG and our customers: The physical and electronic documents, photos and signatures are transmitted by the approximately 100 locations to the central DSM archive, where they are scanned and processed so that the information can be made available online in a timely manner.

After initial registration, all documents can be accessed free of charge. Contact your local branch office today to register for access to our archives.

Last modified: 20.06.2013

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