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Integrated process management

Custom procurement logistics: PIN (Procurement Information Network)

Through PIN, we integrate all parties involved in the procurement process and provide our customers with complete data management from a single source. Physical transport and data control are integrated into a complete concept.

We not only offer you a full range of logistics concepts to fully control diverse types of logistics chains and achieve international flows of goods. In addition to transport, our responsibilities also include complete process management and the associated IT support. Do you require your logistics partner to always have capacities available to meet your demand? We meet this expectation, from individual projects to global procurement and distribution concepts.

New challenges are constantly arising in procurement logistics: Control starts with supplier and order management.
Shippers are increasingly outsourcing tasks to logistics service providers, including supplier control. The right data management plays a critical role here, which is why PIN was developed.

  • Standardized multimodal online platform
  • Integration of suppliers and logistics service providers
  • Delivery note and shipment management
  • POM (Purchase Order Management)
  • Document and barcode generation and handling
  • Tracking
  • SCEM (Supply Chain Event Management)
  • VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory)
  • LLP (Lead Logistics Provider)
  • Individual statistics

PIN can be modified and expanded to meet customer requirements and accommodates your complete supply chain, no matter how many stages it has.

Last modified: 09.01.2012

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