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What we offer

Optimizing processes, enhancing efficiency.

DB Schenker provides you with its complete IT platform, including eSchenker, order management, warehouse and procurement logistics, and the current buzzwords of online logistics such as RFID and GPS. Experience the seamlessly networked world of DB Schenker.

Harness the power of more than 600 servers, which stacked on top of each other would stand more than 80 meters high. Take advantage of four state-of-the-art data processing centers within Germany, which process more than 150,000 emails per day, manage more than 227 million archived documents and add 180,000 new pages on a daily basis.

No task is too complex: DB Schenker will integrate your company, regardless of what system you currently use (SAP®, storagement®, or other). Experience the new era of logistics and enjoy the advantages of an unrivalled network. 

The future of IT is now – at DB Schenker.

Direct Access to the e-Services of Tracking, Booking and more!

Benefit from this worldwide uniform access to our online services that are all completely integrated with each other. In order to start eSchenker, please click on "Open application". Tip: It's best to store it as a bookmark to speed up direct access.

MySchenker: Your Individual Online Service
DB Schenker offers you access to personalized services such as tracking Type C, address administration and a personalized overview and access to your data.

Many online services are available to you through our group-wide e-business solutions:

  • Or you can use our Tracking module for all product sectors in order to track your consignment(s).
  • Would you like to know when DB Schenker can collect a consignment from you and when it will arrive at an addressee anywhere in Europe? Then select the DB Schenker Scheduler.
  • And if you have transportation jobs within Germany, we offer you electronic Proof of Delivery (POD).

The benefits to you at a glance:

  • Access to the group-wide online e-business solutions
  • Links to individual e-services from DB Schenker's local companies in each country
  • Maintenance of your "DB Schenker" data
  • Maintenance of your address data
  • Additional information

Last modified: 11.01.2016

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