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PIRELLI Kabel und Systeme

Outsourcing of Logistics Functions

In the Schwerin factory Schenker Deutschland AG supports Pirelli's production with the internal and external flows of materials in the context of a far-reaching outsourcing project.

Pirelli Kabel und Systeme develops and produces low and medium voltage cables and special cables that are used in many sectors of energy supply. In 1988 Pirelli took over Siemens AG's cable division and it thereby became the world's biggest supplier of cables, wires and systems.

The assignment
The  DB Schenker business location in Güstrow has been a partner for about ten years for the logistical processes in the Schwerin factory. Today  DB Schenker operates with about 75 of its own employees in the Pirelli factory. Besides warehousing, their tasks include the management of internal materials flows and also the packing, picking and distribution of the end products. 

For  DB Schenker, supply chain management consists of the integration of all components of the supply chain. It links both ends of the chain without interruption: putting the raw materials into stock and dispatching goods to customers. For production companies like Pirelli this means a reduction of the interface costs along the supply chain so that integration continues to reduce production costs. At Pirelli in Schwerin,  DB Schenker handles an output volume of over 100,000 tons per year.

In the download below you will find a comprehensive report on the reference customer Pirelli on, among other things, the subjects of:

  • Efficient warehousing
  • Integration in process planning and control
  • Outsourced order preparation
  • Cable packing

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