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Spare parts supply for Ford

DB Schenker is Expanding its Services for Ford

Schenker Deutschland AG has been responsible since April 2004 for spare part supply all over Germany for the Kölner Ford Werke AG and for the Land Rover and Jaguar group brands.

The logistics service provider took on the spare parts supply to all car dealers based in Germany and Austria both for the brands mentioned and at the same time for the Ford subsidiary Volvo. DB Schenker was not entering totally new territory in taking on this work. The company was already organizing a part of the spare parts distribution for Ford as much as 30 years ago.

Ford Europe's Customer Service Division carried out a market test in 2003 together with those responsible for the other group brands. The aim of this company-internal test, which is the biggest in Central Europe to date, was to improve the spare parts supply and provision of the Ford Group. With its individually tailored solutions and its automotive expertise, Schenker Deutschland AG was convincing in this market test  and so it received the contract for this new business.

Over 800 suppliers and one logistics service provider
DB  Schenker is responsible for spare parts supply for the Ford, Land Rover and Jaguar brands. The logistics service provider collects the required car parts on call-off from over 800 suppliers in Germany and Austria and brings them together via an overland transportation network in a consolidation center in Cologne, the Material  Synchronization Point. There the car parts are repacked and taken to the distribution centers (DCs) of each factory in Cologne-Merkenich (Ford), Ennery/Metz (Land Rover) and Großostheim (Jaguar).

Delivery by day and night
Spare parts provision for Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar dealers is done directly from the DCs in Ennery, in Großostheim or in the case of Volvo in Maastricht. In accordance with the orders received, DB Schenker puts the goods into its overland transportation network and delivers them to the dealers the next day. For many dealers the delivery is even made during the night-time.

Ford + DB Schenker = 30 years of successful collaboration
Spare parts distribution for Ford dealers is handled a little differently. Distribution is not done directly from the Ford central DC in Cologne-Merkenich, but via  intermediate local distribution centers, the "Break Bulk Centers" (BBCs). There are ten of these in Germany and one in Austria. DB Schenker is currently handling the distribution of spare parts to the eleven BBCs. From there the logistics service provider then supplies the dealers.

Since volumes of spare parts for individual break bulk centers vary considerably, DB Schenker keeps a pool of about 50 empty trailers to supply them.

Besides supplying the BBCs, DB Schenker also operates complete transportation services from Cologne to a Polish distribution center that holds spare parts for Polish dealers.

The automotive specialists of DB Schenker Cologne are responsible for handling these transportation processes.

The extended collaboration between Ford and its logistics service provider continues a cooperative arrangement that has lasted for over 30 years now and which both sides see as a real partnership.

Last modified: 10.02.2014

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