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Value-Added Services offer the solution

Achilles heel flexibility: A glance around the DB Schenker logistics center in Hildesheim reveals that there are people doing jobs that could leave you wondering whether you were really on the premises of a logistics provider.

Since the end of summer 2012 there is a clean room with an assembly line on which employees of Schenker Deutschland AG assemble directional antennas for the auto parts provider Laird. Automobile production is now all about customization. Extras, technical details and color are now primarily decided by the customer. Thus the individual parts for the desired model are delivered directly to the assembly line just in time and just in sequence.

Laird is a global manufacturer of communications electronics and technology. It also manufactures antennas for car radios and hands-free systems as well as navigation devices for the auto industry. Since 2008 Laird has had a work order with Schenker Deutschland AG for the procurement, warehousing, production and shipping of directional antennas for the Jaguar/Land Rover production plant in England.

"Right from the start our ambition was to optimize the client's supply chain," said Melanie Kruse, project head for the Shared Logistics Center at Schenker Deutschland AG in Hildesheim. "We knew that we could release a lot of potential when it comes to flexibility, inventory and lead times if we brought the final assembly of various antenna types closer to the logistics location. The antenna covers are painted in the same color as the car."
Schenker Deutsch AG in Hildesheim and Hannover is very familiar with assembly for the auto industry. The company has been providing the kind of extra services that offer clients real added value. "We showed Laird these examples to win over the company to the idea that they should do the final assembly of the antennas here at our plant in Hildesheim," said Jens Hauk, head of sales for the Hannover Logistics office.

"The idea was a good one, and it started a process for us in which we began to rethink the whole issue of the supply chain," said Mehran Aminzadeh, managing director at Laird Technologies. "We quickly saw the advantages of being close to final assembly and final logistics. Our experience from working together with DB Schenker was good, so it was a logical step to give the responsibility for the final assembly of the antennas to the logistics experts," said Mehran Aminzadeh.

Last modified: 12.03.2014

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