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Tailored Logistics Solution for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

In May 2003 Schenker Deutschland AG brought its production supply center (PVZ) for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover-Stöcken into operation.

The new building of some 36,000 square meters which cost  40 million Euros combines a suppliers' park and a logistics center under one roof. With this, Germany's leading logistics service provider is setting new benchmarks for integrated logistics in the automobile industry.

DB Schenker has tailored the production supply center (PVZ) for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) by using a unique solution. A logistics bridge 360 meters long links the PVZ directly with VWN's assembly lines. Electric trucks shuttle back and forth making 900 trips a day via this bridge and supply production with thousands of parts.

In order to be able to constantly supply Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles with materials,  DB Schenker brings together assembly parts from the smallest screw to large-format bumpers in the PVZ. About 130 lorries drive via the nearby motorway to  DB Schenker's Goods In every working day. Here the data of individual articles from among up to 8,400 part numbers are captured and input into the logistics process at  DB Schenker. Assembly parts are temporarily stored on behalf of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in the logistics center  with a total area of 19,000 square meters and, in accordance with production requirements, they are delivered on call-off.

In the adjacent suppliers' park with a 17,000 square meter plot, 
DB Schenker controls the parts dispatches of almost a dozen supplier companies from the automobile industry. As part of a wide-ranging outsourcing solution for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles,  DB Schenker combines a large number of different consignments in Goods In and in stock. All parts are recorded, some of them are repacked, checked, stored temporarily and prepared in the correct sequence for VWN production. To deal with this materials flow  DB Schenker maintains a complex warehouse management system with which a total of up to 135,000 small load containers are controlled in a fully automatic small parts warehouse and 22,000 large load containers are controlled on pallet shelves and block stores.

Since Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers its customers a large number of different variants and versions of the new generations of T5 Multivan and T5 Transporter models, the delivery of materials must happen exactly at the right time for assembly and it must take into account the variety of types. For this purpose   DB Schenker uses "JIS racks." These "just-in-sequence" racks take the parts in the order of their assembly and they must therefore be carefully picked. A complex data management system via Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle's and  DB Schenker's central computers that are directly connected to each other ensures trouble-free synchronization between the preparation of the parts and their sequencing at the assembly point .

In addition, in the new PVZ,  DB Schenker performs production-related added-value services such as in the assembly of external mirrors that are put together according to the type. And parts of vehicle inner cladding are turned into their final forms by  DB Schenker employees from semi-finished products by means of a stamping plant - precisely tailored to the specific vehicle model.

The close collaboration of  DB Schenker and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers both partners clear advantages. As a logistics service provider Schenker Deutschland AG can use all modes of transport in an economically and environmentally sensible fashion to provide an optimum solution in production supply.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles gains valuable production space on its factory premises. With the model of the suppliers' park under the guidance of Schenker Deutschland AG, individual solutions from various suppliers can also be avoided. The concentration of logistics functions in the hands of one specialist service provider brings cost benefits and more process security.

A further benefit: thanks to the logistics bridge, lorry transportation between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle's factories and  DB Schenker is reduced by about 130 vehicles a day. At the same time delivery is independent of the weather and hence more secure.

Last modified: 10.02.2014

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