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Transport Logistics for the Automotive and Supplier Industry

Are you a company in the automotive industry or a supplier? Then we have the right solution for your transportation logistics needs. We offer integrated project management and transportation concepts along the value chain.

Our “automotive powerhouse” combines the Group’s expertise in logistics for the automotive industry and brings together all of DB Schenker’s most popular products and services under one roof. These solutions for the market segment Automotive cover the entire supply chain from JIT/JIS production supply, CKD and SKD services, warehousing including various value-added services, further to After Sales logistics and reaching out to Yard Management services. Considering the special challenges within this market segment, we develop lean, flexible and most importantly high performance logistics concepts which we customize to your requirements. Our logistics solutions high performance level is sustainably supported by the IT solutions of our Automotive IT Competence Centre.

Our services in detail:

  • OEM services such as operating supplier warehouses or external supply centers near plants
  • Production logistics: just-in-time and just-in-sequence deliveries and line feeding
  • Semi-knocked down (SKD) services, e.g. partial disassembly of finished vehicles for supplying international production facilities and completely knocked down (CKD) services, e.g. supplying international production facilities with all necessary car components and corresponding packaging services
  • Component assembly production with sophisticated components, and module set-up
  • Reusable container management including cleaning and repairs
  • Vehicle transshipment: finished vehicle distribution and vehicle inspection before delivery, painting, repairs, equipping and retrofitting
  • Spare parts logistics and reverse logistics such as storage, cross-docking and overnight shipment of urgent spare parts to retailers as well as returns and inspection of returned parts and putting returned parts back into circulation
  • IT expertise: SAP®-based automotive solutions or customer-specific software
  • Lead logistics provider: organization of important customer logistics processes such as supplier coordination, planning and monitoring

Our Automotive Industry Expertise portfolio includes the following warehousing types, solutions and value-added services:

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