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Logistics for high-performance chips

austriamicrosystems entrusts DB Schenker with High-Tech Logistics

DB Schenker has transferred very delicate production equipment from the USA, Japan and Western Europe to Graz in Austria to expand the production of austriamicrosystems, a semiconductor manufacturer.

Among the very delicate production equipment there was also a stepper worth several million euros. This equipment is required for the manufacture of high-performance chips.

The stepper was first transported from the Japanese Canon factory to the airport in Tokyo and – with a stopover in Alaska – flown on to Frankfurt on Main. In preparation the equipment was reloaded directly on to a special air-conditioned lorry with air suspension for onward transportation. The equipment was brought into the clean room production environment at austriamicrosystems with lifting equipment developed in-house by
DB Schenker. The entire transport operation had to be completed with air conditioning and constant air humidity and without the equipment being shaken.

On this project DB Schenker worked only with staff it had trained itself and certified partners.

 DB Schenker handled all the coordination work from ordering the production machine with the supplier to installing it in the clean room. The service package also included coordination and tracking of the deadlines with the supplier, the selection and booking of the transport resources required, dealing with all customs formalities, insurance and monitoring of the entire transportation chain, unpacking and cleaning.

Last modified: 11.02.2014

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