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Axcelis Technologies GmbH

DB Schenker Handles All the European Logistics

Schenker Deutschland AG has perfected a warehousing and logistics solution tailored specially to the needs of the semiconductor industry.

Schenker Deutschland AG has initiated and designed an association of seven logistics centers in Germany, Italy, France and England to meet the high demands of the high-tech sector for Axcelis Technologies GmbH with its registered office in Kirchheim near Munich, this company being a German subsidiary and the European headquarters of one of the world's leading producers of semiconductors.

With turnover of $ 941 million (in 2000) and about 2,000 employees, Axcelis Technologies is one of the world's largest producers in the semiconductor industry. DB Schenker holds an average of 8,000 different articles and a total of 20,000 parts for this customer, stores them correctly and distributes them as and when required. DB Schenker has expanded this logistics solution in several stages since 1999.

Tailored to high-tech customers
DB Schenker delivers a large number of semiconductor products for Axcelis per year by air from the USA. In-house trained staff from the 
DB Schenker high-tech desk in Frankfurt/Main handle the customs formalities and here in the  DB Schenker logistics center in Kelsterbach they also guarantee consistent delivery quality: checking all consignments received for damage, checking delivery quantities and correct storage of the delicate semiconductor products.
DB Schenker has tailored the Kelsterbach logistics center to the requirements of high-tech customers. Antistatic flooring and dust-free lockable sliding shelves for 25,000 KLTs (small load containers) secure the delicate and valuable stocks against dirt and other environmental influences. An alarm system and an automatic fire alarm system make the Kelsterbach logistics center secure to the outside. Inside, air humidity and room temperature is checked daily so that the semiconductor products can be stored in the best way.

DB Schenker staff pick the goods on call-off for the customer Axcelis - and they do this around the clock, 365 days a year. They are packed securely for transportation, accompanied by the necessary dispatch papers and dispatched all over the world within a defined timeframe according to Axcelis' instructions on priority.
The  DB Schenker warehouse management system is linked to the customer's system via an electronic data transmission interface. This permits Axcelis and  DB Schenker to do a thorough check on goods availability and to provide high delivery quality and low transaction costs. Statistical evaluations evidence  DB Schenker's performance to the customer.

Logistics association ensures quality
The Kelsterbach logistics center acts within the DB Schenker logistics association as a central transshipment point for semiconductor specialist Axcelis. At the same time it is an interface between global air freight and European overland transportation. Supported in its own network of over 1,000 business locations in Germany, Europe and the whole world, 
DB Schenker guarantees consistent quality to the customer Axcelis. Moreover, all processes are constantly being improved in regular workshops held jointly with the customer. 20 DB Schenker employees have also received special training on how to deal with Axcelis' products.

More responsive thanks to EDP
With a sophisticated IT solution that links Axcelis and  DB Schenker "transatlantically", the companies can quickly react to supply Axcelis' customers with semiconductor products. This logistics capability was once more improved on February 1 by an update to the system.
The staff of each warehouse location are informed by an automatic email that priority or machine stoppage transmission data for their warehouse have been received by electronic transmission. In this way priority dispatches in particular can be processed in the shortest possible time in the event of a machine stoppage. Axcelis gains valuable time for its customers, which helps Axcelis to avoid the considerable expense of production stoppages for its customers.
This tried and tested procedure looks like this: if a consignment in the Axcelis factory in Boston, USA is ready for dispatch, an Advance Shipping Note (ASN) is issued to DB Schenker. After receipt of the consignment in Europe, quality control and storage, this status will be electronically confirmed to Axcelis and posted to stock.

Delivery call-offs are also handled electronically for Axcelis' customers throughout Europe. The call-off is input into the Axcelis system and transmitted to  DB Schenker (packing lists). After picking and packing, the consignment is in turn reported in the DB Schenker system to Axcelis as ready for dispatch. The order can be posted in the customer's system as successfully processed.

Last modified: 16.02.2016

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