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DB SCHENKERskybridge

First the ship, then the plane. Or the other way round!

Twice as fast as by sea. Half of the cost as by air. The intermodal transport system DB SCHENKERskybridge combines the advantages of air and ocean freight.

Combined Economy

  • If you choose speed,  you're bound to decide in favor of air freight. But air freight has its price. Every kilo costs money.
  • If you're weighing up cost issues, you're sure to decide on ocean freight for heavy weights or large volumes. But ocean freight takes time.

Our solution: Combined Economy. Build your bridge to world markets with DB SCHENKERskybridge. This intermodal transport system combines the advantages of air and ocean freight. A service that meets your deadlines, but still reduces your freight costs.

DB SCHENKERskybridge is available on all major routes from Asia via the West Coast to Europe/Latin America, from Europe to Australia and New Zealand and from Asia via Dubai to Europe.

Last modified: 23.06.2017

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