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Expansion of the small parts warehouse in Eching

In early 2012 BMW asked Schenker Deutschland AG to expand the existing automatic small parts warehouse that has been located since 2004 in the supply center in Eching (near Munich) from three to five streets.

The goal was to raise the throughput ratio by January 2, 2013 to 80 percent and to raise the warehousing capacity by 11,000 spaces to meet future client demand. The reason for this is that production for the BMW 3er Coupé began in Munich in June 2013. An external planning office of Schenker Deutschland AG was given the job of planning, tendering and drafting a new material flow concept. After an extensive functional tendering the following changes were necessary:

  • The addition of two new retrieval systems
  • Modernizing and linking of the three old retrieval systems
  • The building of two new streets
  • Construction of a new pre-zone with five picking stations
  • Construction of heavy goods conveyor technology to transport the bins for incoming goods and goods picked

In early May 2012 the company Aberle Logistics was given the job as general contractor to implement these measures 2012. In addition to staying within a tight schedule, another major challenge was to do the construction during normal operations. The building of the shelf retrieval system began in summer 2012 while the "old system" remained in operation until the last night shift on December 21, 2012. The only period without production ran until January 7, 2013, during which time the exciting work took place to link together all new works as well as the testing with productive ware.

  • Thanks to the good preparation, especially by the general contractor, this milestone was achieved without having to use Christmas holidays or Sundays.
  • On January 2, 2013 the first shift under productive conditions started on schedule. From February 14-15, 2013 the performance and availability tests were conducted. The tests proved the system performance required by BMW of 350 double cycles per hour and the availability of 98.5 percent.
  • "The entire project team put in an outstanding performance, from the planning during the implementation phase until the day the new facility was taken over jointly with BMW," said Andreas Seitz, project head of DB Schenker in Eching.     

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