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New Logistics Structures for Wind-Power Production

It’s always windy somewhere in the world. And wind power plants, or wind turbines, are often installed in locations where the wind is especially strong.

To keep environmentally friendly energy production from coming to a halt, Schenker Deutschland AG runs a central warehouse for Vestas, the global market leader. The warehouse, which Schenker began running two years ago, replaced three regional warehouses.

Vestas selected Schenker Deutschland AG as the lead logistics provider (LLP) to run its new logistics structures. Schenker was involved in planning talks early on and was able to contribute its expertise to the design and present a variety of approaches to the logisticians at Vestas. It created the perfect setup for the new central warehouse: a site near Mutzschen in the Leipzig region with 10,000 m2 of storage space, 3,500 pallet positions and a two-story small-parts warehouse. The warehouse is ideally situated on the German-European road network, and its location near Leipzig-Halle Airport means it offers the perfect conditions for processing air-freight shipments quickly.

Over 300 trucks were used to move equipment from the three main warehouses. Everything from nuts, gears and screwdrivers to 20-foot tool containers had to be transported. The new central warehouse opened in November 2008. Since that time thirty Schenker Deutschland AG employees have processed 5,000 incoming and 23,100 outgoing order lines every month. The employees were selected via a dedicated assessment center and were overseen by a task force during the first live-production phase until they mastered all the workflows. It did not take long for the margin of error to drop to below 0.7 percent. The new heavy-cargo section, which features an additional 5,000 m2 of storage space and the overhead cranes needed to hoist up to 60 metric tons of heavy gears, is scheduled to open at the Mutzschen site in August 2011.

Another step was to install SAP LES GWS (Logistics Execution System/Global Warehouse System). The system went live on July 1, 2009, as planned. It optimizes integration of the central warehouse, stockrooms, shipments and additional services such as tool management into Vestas’ ERP system (also from SAP) and simplifies the standardized handling of all processes. Since Schenker Deutschland AG had gained experience working with the same programs on projects at other sites, it was able to serve its partner well during system implementation.

Last modified: 10.03.2014

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