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Diesel Floating Model


The Federal Statistical Office adapts the assessment basis of the price indexes every five years. In October 2013 the assessment basis year changes from 2005 to 2010.

The general calculation of the DB SCHENKER Diesel Floating Model was not affected hereby. The model is based on the current index of the Federal Statistical Office respectively - now with basis year 2010.

For reasons of transparency and integrity of information we provide an overview and the development of the index and diesel surcharge with basis year 2005.

The floating model at Schenker Deutschland AG until July 2013

to basis
Diesel SurchargeValid from:
July 2013129.0+22.9%6.5%09/01/2013
June 2013126.6+20.6%6.5%08/01/2013
May 2013126.2+20.2%6.5%07/01/2013
April 2013125.4+19.4%6.0%06/01/2013
March 2013130.1+23.9%6.5%05/01/2013
February 2013134.0+27.6%7.0%04/01/2013
January 2013131.0+24.8%7.0%03/01/2013
December 2012130.4+24.2%7.0%02/01/2013
November 2012134.8+28.4%7.5%01/01/2013
October 2012139.1+32.5%8.0%12/01/2012
September 2012137.5+31.0%7.5%11/01/2012
August 2012138.8+32.2%8.0%10/01/2012
July 2012132.7+26.4%7.0%09/01/2012
June 2012127.6+21.5%6.5%08/01/2012
May 2012132.1+25.8%7.0%07/01/2012
April 2012136.0+29.5%7.5%06/01/2012
March 2012138.4+31.8%7.5%05/01/2012
February 2012135.8+29.3%7.5%04/01/2012
January 2012134.9+28.5%7.5%03/01/2012
4. quarter 2005
(Oct - Dec)

Enlarge imageDieselzuschlag Floating Diagramm, Schenker Deutschland AG

Entwicklung der Dieselpreise (Basisjahr 2005)

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History of diesel adjustments

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