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Your Key that Unlocks Customs Barriers

It permits rapid, trouble-free customs clearance in international goods transportation and offers a portfolio of services that is perfectly tailored to the most varied requirements.

Customs barriers are a major impediment to the flow of goods between the markets outside the EU. There's a whole art in removing them because every country regulates its external trade with a variety of national laws. DB SCHENKERcustoms brings together the knowledge and know-how of experienced specialists in the transnational transportation of goods. It doesn't matter whether your goods travel by land, air, sea, or rail, whether they are being shipped by DB Schenker or by another service provider - DB SCHENKERcustoms ensures rapid and efficient border crossing.

DB SCHENKERcustoms offers all the services associated with reliable, rapid and secure handling of your customs requirements. Our staff are there for you at all the major locations, border crossings, ports and airports.

In cooperation with its service provider SW Zoll-Beratung GmbH, besides the usual customs services, DB Schenker uses a worldwide tracking system combined with its own tightly-organized risk management system. The range of services offered is rounded off with a customs portal. With this you can obtain answers to questions via the Internet on "everything to do with customs".

We concentrate our specialist know-how required for the field of "free transportation" into three skills centers in Germany. So in the context of central customs clearance, all import customs clearance is done using authorized, simplified procedures on a standardized ATLAS and NCTS-compatible data processing platform  via the Internet. The most up-to-date, individually configurable data processing interfaces permit fast transfer of your data from all upstream systems.

Even in the age of the EU, which permits the free transportation of goods from Poland to Portugal and from Lithuania to Greece, you need a strong partner that handles all your customs needs fast, reliably and with technical expertise, all from one source. Because with the EU's eastward expansion, the republics of the former USSR are shifting "closer" to Germany. With this, rapid access to the growing markets beyond the EU's external borders is gaining in importance.

Last modified: 19.06.2012

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