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Parcel service in a combined system

Many companies are increasingly reducing their stock levels and ordering in smaller batches from their suppliers.

Your logistics partner Schenker Deutschland AG has reorganized to reflect this development - with DB SCHENKERparcel, the parcel and small goods services for deliveries of up to 31.5 kg.

For you this means: besides your daily dispatches of bulk and individual goods, your logistics partner Schenker Deutschland AG also handles your parcels of up to 31.5 kg for Europe-wide distribution.

For you this service means:

  • Everything from a single source: handling your parcel deliveries is done within the context of the regular bulk item collections.
  • 6-day week: deliveries to your customers by our partner are made as a rule from Monday to Friday and, on request, also on Saturdays.
  • Everything is documented: deliveries to your customers are always made in return for a goods received note.
  • Tracking via the internet/telephone possible.
  • Secure is secure: liability is EUR 510.00 per shipment. We can offer you alternatives for your security and for your high-value goods.
  • All good things come in threes: if we don't find your customer on the first attempted delivery, we make the journey again and, if necessary, even a third time.

Make use of the advantages of handling all your bulk goods deliveries and parcels. That makes economic and ecological sense - everything from a single source.

Last modified: 23.05.2016

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