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DB SCHENKERsystem extra light

All-round Inclusive Service

This is our individual supplement to DB SCHENKERsystem. Tailored delivery service for special requirements such as, for instance, "free at place of use", disposal services, fixed deadline delivery, return or taking back of packaging.

DB SCHENKERsystem extra light we have significantly expanded the classic carrier's services to our customers. Your gain: completely individual solutions for your special requirements. You decide not only when and where you are sending your consignment, but you also determine what else we can do for you: is equipment to be installed? To which floor of the customer's premises is the delivery to be made? Does packaging have to be returned?

Your contact will be happy to inform you of all the options. Explore new directions with us. We'll not only take your delivery from A to B, but we'll also take the trouble over everything from A to Z to ensure that you don't have to trouble yourself about us.

Coordinating, distributing, placing...

It doesn't matter at all what you sell or order -
DB SCHENKERsystem extra light offer multiple services way beyond delivery free on the ramp, for almost all goods and sectors.

DB SCHENKERsystem extra light is especially suitable for office technology and technical equipment from healthcare and industry.

Product relaunch
A new hairspray! It has to be on the market overnight. All over Germany. Crunch day: the second Monday in May. Eight weeks lead time.
DB Schenker fetches the goods from the Italian manufacturer. Transports them via its own warehouse. About 10,000 sales displays! Quality inspection. O.K.! Picking, addressing. Pedestrian precincts, department stores. Airports, shopping centers. Deadline: Monday, 10:00 in the morning. The displays stand ready in 4,500 hairdressing salons at the same time. The packing material? Our men have already taken it away again.

This is just one of many examples. Let yourself be inspired by the possibilities. Give us your challenge.

Conditions of use DB SCHENKERsystem extra light

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Last modified: 17.02.2016

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