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Information on road tolls

Road Tolls in Europe

In many European countries you already have to pay a toll for motorway sections, bridges and tunnels. In our neighboring countries the road toll screw is currently being severely tightened.

Great Britain intends to introduce a nationwide road toll on all roads from 2008 onwards.

Austria introduced road tolls for vehicles of 3.5 tons of total weight and over at the start of 2004 - this applies to motorways and fast roads.

Switzerland increased the effective LSVA (HGV) charge by about 50 % to 75 % from 01/01/2005.

The Czech Republic intends to introduce a special obligatory charge for trucks over 7.5 tons in June 2005 before the truck road toll planned for 2006.

For cross-border goods transportation German logistics service providers have to pay out twice: for the "eurovignette" and the truck road toll. Although the costs of the eurovignette are no longer incurred for transportation on German motorways, it nevertheless continues to be charged on trunk roads in other states in the scheme (Benelux, Denmark and Sweden). So there is no actual saving for cross-border transportation.

DB Schenker charges its customers the relevant proportion of the road toll due for the journey.

Last modified: 22.02.2017

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