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The integrated module for container transportation

Are you planning your route to global markets? Do you want to deliver your full container (Full Container Load - FCL) safely to your customers in a way that saves time and reduces costs? Choose DB SCHENKERcomplete!

We provide you with the best type of container tailored to your dispatch structure. Loading and unloading can be done right there in the factory. We arrange the entire transportation for you door to door.

We provide you with almost daily dispatches for your container consignments. With our high level of technical expertise we work out for you the best route specially tailored to your requirements and with the most suitable ship-owner for the job. With our own worldwide offices we can guarantee you trouble-free handling in the destination country, too and we offer your customers a skilled point of contact locally.

DB Schenker's partners are ship-owners selected for the highest quality of service. This means that we can offer you the greatest possible flexibility, security and frequency of dispatch for your consignments in all areas, especially at times of increasing capacity bottlenecks.

Our local companies handle coordination with your suppliers or customers locally and the loading is carried out according to your requirements. We are happy to coordinate the delivery and completion of your dispatch from the destination port, whether it's as a container, a complete load, or bulk dispatches. Value-added services such as picking, packing and quality inspection are of course available from our logistics centers.

Last modified: 13.06.2016

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