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Security Box

The Security Box - a success story

The Security Box provides excellent protection for sensible and high quality goods. It furthermore protects against unauthorized access and signals if it leaves a set route or even in case of rough vibrations and deviation of temperature.

A high-powered, GPS/GSM tracking module, shock sensors and integrated temperature sensors ensure front-to-end traceability and documentation of even complex supply chains at all times-even for general cargo.
If there is any interference during the transport, for example an attempt to manipulate or break into the box, an automatic alarm message is sent by e-mail and text message directly to the sender, the recipient and, where applicable, a security services provider.


  • Far less expensive than a security transport
  • Monitoring of goods throughout the entire journey
  • Tailored monitoring settings
  • Innovative technology that boosts your image
  • Available for all modes of transport (land/air/ocean)
  • No investment, no tied-up capital, no stocking requirements
  • One-way trips or longer-term rent of a specific unit

Advantages of the Security Box

  • Keyless access authorization: person-to-person with user name and password via VPN
  • Innovative opening features: distance opening, 4-eyes principle, customs function, time lock
  • GPS localization and GPRS communication for land, air and ocean transports
  • Sensor technology: temperature, light and shock
  • Real-time surveillance complete with alarm feature: lock status, "vSeal", geofencing, critical sensor data
  • USB plug & play technology: no additional infrastructure, no software installation
  • Intervention management: strategic partnership with Bosch Security Systems

Last modified: 30.08.2016

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