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Company removals

Is your entire company moving? If so, contact us!

Are you intending to relocate your entire company? Do you wish to integrate new machinery into your premises? This is no problem for the experts at DB SCHENKERspecial!

Whether you are relocating entire operations or individual production facilities, the perfect organization and implementation of each individual step is absolutely essential. Our specialists work according to the following principle: anything which is not disassembled will not require   time-consuming reassembly later. This allows us to minimize the time and effort required to the greatest possible degree, for every delay and every minute of production time lost is expensive, which is why
DB SCHENKERspecial invests so much time in perfecting its planning. 

Our range of services also includes disassembly, packing, loading and transport to the location of use. Thanks to our comprehensive range of lifting and transport equipment, we are able to solve even the most challenging tasks.

Last modified: 12.06.2013

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