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Trade fairs/Special transport

Boot Show 2013

"Big Willi" pulls English princess out of the Rhine. The experts at Schenker Deutschland AG placed her on a low-bed trailer and ensured that the princess was able to attend the Boat Show 2013 trade fair in all her beauty.

"Big Willi" is a crane for lifting ships that belongs to Messe Düsseldorf, and the princess is called "Princess 98." She was the largest luxury yacht that the visitors at the water sports trade fair in January could admire. Princess 98, a British yacht, is 30 meters long and weighs 95 tons. DB Schenker experts for trade fairs and special transport for the Boat Show had to take care of more than princesses. They also had to ensure that 85 percent of the 1,700 boats on exhibit at the trade fair were put in place. This meant that the planning got underway at the Düsseldorf office (trade fairs/special transport) of
Schenker Deutschland AG six months before the trade fair opened. The boats for the exhibition arrived in Düsseldorf along the Rhine under their own power. They were then hauled out of the water by "Big Willi". The final transport to the trade fair was down with low-bed trailers. When the Boat Show closed on January 27. 2013, Schenker Deutschland AG handled the return transport of the boats and other exhibitions for its clients.

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