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International Business Requires Local Support

Horst Jachmann, Managing Director of IRKA, knows what’s important to his company: “As a multinational family-owned company, we need a logistics partner that knows what makes medium-sized companies like us tick but that is also positioned as a global player.

”The excellent partnership between IKRAmogatec and
Schenker Deutschland AG began over a decade ago. At the time IKRAmogatec, which specializes in gardening equipment, was looking for a global logistics provider. It needed a provider that was big enough to provide effective support for its international development yet was flexible enough to be able to provide optimum solutions to meet custom requirements.

What were IKRAmogatec’s specific requirements?
Here are three examples:First:

IKRAmogatec imports equipment, components and assemblies from Asia. DB Schenker transports them.

Second: Prefabricated components are intended for resale, while imported components and assemblies are used in the company’s own production. Another high-quality product line is produced at the Drebach facility near Chemnitz using products from the region. This line bears the “Made in Germany” label. Products manufactured in-house and commodities are stored temporarily in Chemnitz and at other locations, and Schenker Deutschland AG manages most warehousing activities, including picking and preparing shipments. Schenker maintains a multi-user warehouse in Chemnitz, where IKRAmogatec stores two hundred different products in 1,700 to 2,000 pallet positions.

And third: Distribution throughout Germany, Europe and the world – a field where DB Schenker’s logistics specialists are also in demand.

Last modified: 11.02.2014

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