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Olympic and Paralympic Games

DB Schenker – Sports logistics on top form

In sport, as in logistics, nothing works well without team spirit and perfection.

The Olympic and Paralympic Summer and Winter Games stand out thanks to their variety of sports competitions in a wide range of disciplines. Accordingly, the run-up to large sports events of this kind requires sophisticated organization. As a partner for some of the national Olympic Committees and the International Paralympic Committees (IPC),
DB Schenker has been associated with the Olympic and Paralympic movements for many years. DB Schenker did not just play a part in the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin and 1972 in Munich.
DB SCHENKERsportsevents provided logistical support for many other Olympic events:

DB Schenker was an official co-partner for the German Olympic Team, Vancouver 2010

The 21st Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver are now history. When the IOC President Jacques Rogge spoke the traditional phrase "I declare the Vancouver Winter Olympics to be over" at the closing ceremony in the sold-out BC Place Stadium, teams from DB SCHENKERsportsevents were still being employed to get the athletes' equipment and the media equipment, etc. on the road to the next locations.

Some of the materials were already expected in Finland. As the official logistics service provider of the FIS Ski World Cup 2010 in Lahti,
DB Schenker was responsible for, among other things, the logistics of athletes, media, organizer and sponsors.

But back to Vancouver: As an official co-partner of the German Olympic Team, Schenker Deutschland AG ensured that the German team in Vancouver was supplied with what they needed, when they needed it. Whether it was decorative materials, stand construction, leaflets, stage elements or carpets – everything got to the right place, at the right time. This was also true for the replenishment logistics, which could only be carried out between midnight and 6 a.m. while the games were on. For the "German Fan Festival", DB Schenker specially transported a Trabi to Vancouver. One of the most challenging aspects of this was that the festival tent was set up in a car park with a basement. Due to the structure/safety, the logistics team were not able to use a crane, for example.

Along with the North American DB SCHENKERsportsevents team, numerous other national companies were involved. Specialists from many countries supported their athletes and national organizations, whether they were from Norway, Germany, Austria or Switzerland. The baggage volumes varied greatly between the individual teams and athletes. Biathletes required up to thirty ski sets to be on site. And the bobsledders required even higher volumes of equipment. A four-man bob, including runners, weighs 210 kilograms. The bobs were transported in special crates that also required their own accessories. This therefore produces, for example, a total travelling weight of about six tons for a German bobsled team – a weight which would never be suitable as standard luggage and whose transport must be very well planned.

And the broadcasting side of things also demanded the highest level of logistics expertise. To ensure that millions of viewers across the world were able to follow the games on the small screen, the largest broadcaster, NBC, put their trust in the DB Schenker team who had already been represented with several employees in the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) in Vancouver since 2009 and were supporting the logistics work there.

DB Schenker also played an integral part in the Paralympic Games from 12th to 21st March: DB Schenker and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) have had a long-term partnership. The IPC and
DB Schenker have worked together since the Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004. DB Schenker therefore also worked on behalf of the IPC at the Paralympic Games in the Canadian city of Vancouver from 12th to 21st March and will be there to support the IPC as a service provider for logistics, shipping and customs clearance this summer in London (29th August until 9th September 2012). And the IPC also relied on the logistical support of DB Schenker for other important events, such as the International Paralympic Day.

In addition to the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, DB Schenker was also a logistics service provider for the following Olympic and Paralympic Games:

  • 2008 Olympic Summer Games & Paralympics, Beijing/China
  • 2006 Olympic Winter Games & Paralympics, Turin/Italy
  • 2004 Olympic Summer Games & Paralympics, Athens/Greece
  • 2002 Olympic Winter Games & Paralympics, Salt Lake City/USA
  • 2000 Olympic Summer Games & Paralympics, Sydney/Australia

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